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The university is nowadays one of the places in which we spend the most time and therefore, it has become something like a second home, and we do not always take care of it as we should… If we want to work to reduce the effects of climate change , we can do many things. Actually, we would surely like to see some changes made, although we rarely really reflect on how we could take action. This is precisely what we propose to you when you are part of an research-action team: a joint reflection that helps improve the relationship between the university and the environment and that also materializes in concrete actions.

This is your Research Action Team page where you can download all the materials to complete the tasks. To access you must be registered. The team must choose a person to coordinate it and can register with their email address and a password.

It is free and your data will only be used for the functionality of the program.

After registration you will have access to the materials as well as all the information that will be useful to complete the program. Remember that only one registration per team is allowed. You can share the credentials with other people on your team but you cannot register more than one account.

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